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Jaba & Friends is Jaba’s new solo project after a 3 year musical break.
The continuity of Jaba’s Reggae Stilee is more than ever present in this new adventure. A mix of various musical influences on a solid reggae foundation, backed by talented and experienced musicians, rich, melodic, groovy and engaged compositions.
The aim of Jaba & Friends is purely artistic, relying entirely upon responsible listeners’ sensibility, direct support and donations. Bypassing all the established trappings of commercial exploitation, opening the door for everyone becomes caring by sharing.

Jaba – Lead Vocal, Drums
Singer, Composer, Writer, Arranger, Producer, Performer (Guitar, Drums, Percussions, Keyboards), leading force behind the Moonraisers Reggae Band for 20 years.
Aged 10 with top singing and music school grades, he first joined a local steel-band to then be part of the 80-member Calypso band Casablanca, at Trinidad’s 1991 Port-of-Spain Carnival. Since this revealing experience, Jaba (co)produced 6 Moonraisers albums and a few local bands, and performed over a 1000 shows around the world. As a music apps developer and programmer, he’s worked since 2002 with Damp Music, Reggae.ch, Music Circle and many more music websites. Jaba also collaborated with House DJ and Producer Yves Larock on 6 House tracks. Jaba performed live in 30 countries as their single RISE UP climbed international Top10 charts, reaching over 100 million views on youtube,

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